On July 21, THACO HR Department organized the “New Employee Orientation” for 35 new employees at THACO and Sub-holdings working in Ho Chi Minh City office. This is the first mandatory training program for new employees to understand THACO’s development history, business areas, as well as culture, regulations, and policies.

In the training course, Mr. Nguyen Mot, the THACO Corporate Culture and Communication Director presented THACO's history over the past 25 years, as well as the 8 core principles that form THACO culture, including Dedicated - Honest - Intellectual - Confident - Respectful - Committed - Thoughtful - Convenient.


He emphasized that working at THACO, one should embrace the discipline culture, the industrial manners and behaviors, and the real value creation through products and services to contribute to the company’s growth, and become useful for the community and the country as a whole. He also encouraged the new employees to join the internal activities for deeper bonding, exchange experiences and build the “Civil and Convent" working environment.


On the other hand, the HR Department explained THACO workplace regulations and C&B policies, and answered questions about labor contracts, working hours, uniform regulations, administrative regulations, 5S, labor safety, etc. The new employees are expected to understand the regulations and adapt quickly at THACO after the course.