On May 20 and May 26, THACO opened an Internal trainer course for 30 senior employees and potential leaders at THACO Headquarters. The course was lectured by Mr. Phan Tiem, the THACO College Director to develop internal lecturers with training skills, class management capacity and expertise among staff members at THACO's operations management departments.


The training program offers theory and practical training in building class organization plans, preparing lectures, teaching methodologies and techniques, body language, and applying information technology in teaching, e.g. using PowerPoint and converting to E-Learning lesson plans. The learners then had role-play practice. Finally, students took the assessment test to complete the course.

At the beginning of the training session, THACO President Pham Van Tai stressed the meaning and importance of internal training by giving the example of THACO College, throughout its 13 years of operation, which has done a great job in training and providing high-quality workforce for THACO and businesses across the country. The company executive also emphasized that strong workforce is one of the most important elements to fulfill THACO development strategy. Therefore, the corporation will continue to focus on improving knowledge, skills, management capacity for its staff, forming a new generation of industrial people, meanwhile creating favorable conditions for their development and ensuring employee retention.


With this class, the trainees are hoped to understand basic knowledge and skills to organize classes and conduct effective lectures, thereby improving the training quality at their unit, step by step building good human forces for the company.