The course was held on June 1 and 2 for 92 employees from different departments at THACO and Sub-holdings who are working at the Ho Chi Minh City office.

The course was taught by THACO President Pham Van Tai. Its 2 topics have provided useful information on the adversity quotient as well as introducing 9 secrets to help people succeed in their careers.


To open his sharing on the 9 secrets to success, the THACO President quoted:

“Thoughts become actions.

Actions become habits.

Habits become character.

Character determines destiny”.

In addition to competency, qualifications, and experience, we should know the secrets to develop ourselves and succeed in life.


According to the THACO leader, the 9 secrets to a successful career includes 4 secrets in establishing yourself, i.e. patience - the self-management principle, wisdom - the self-leadership principle, righteous thoughts - the behavior principle, and good intentions as the core - the ethics principle, and 5 secrets to success: creative management, effective leadership, winning people's hearts, win-win principles, and self-improvement.


In explaining the adversity quotient (AQ), the lecturer went on to introduce the concept of AQ, measurement of AQ, how to improve AQ for yourself, others and organization by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, an AQ expert, author of the best-selling books The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Management Update, Investor's Business Daily, Asia 21, etc. In the session, trainees were completing an AQ test, received the results afterwards and had to complete an essay to complete the course.

With rich and carefully selected content, the course has proven to be a good companion to help learners put it into use at work and overcome difficulties to succeed.