On Jan. 27, THACO held the Year Opening Ceremony at its offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Gia Lai Province and Chu Lai Province with great determination and aspiration to achieve goals and plans in 2023.

At THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, the year opening ceremony was live streamed across the system. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Phan Viet Cuong - Secretary of Quang Nam Party Committee, Mr. Le Van Dung - Standing Deputy Secretary of Quang Nam Party Committee, Head of Quang Nam National Assembly Delegation, Mr. Le Tri Thanh - Chairman of Quang Nam People's Committee and THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong.



At the ceremony, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong presented the 2023 company message. He clarifies 2023 is the first year THACO enters the new development stage as a multi-industry corporation with 6 sub-holdings operating in Vietnam's key economic sectors, which aims for sustainable development in the context of global integration, and delivers synergistic values for customers and society. In 2023, Vietnam's economy is forecasted to face different difficulties, with low growths and reduced purchasing power due to decreased exports in the first half of the year, gloomy real estate markets and low transactions. However, despite difficulties, THACO is embracing change to keep strengthening internal resources, upgrading management and trying its best to complete the strategic goals and plans set out in 2023.

In 2023, THACO celebrates its 20-year investments in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Quang Nam province (2003 - 2023), as well as marking the new development investment cycle of THACO Chu Lai as THACO's new-generation multi-industry ecosystem in Chu Lai based on industrial management, green, smart and sustainable development.


Also at the ceremony, Mr. Phan Viet Cuong - Secretary of Quang Nam Party Committee spoke highly of THACO's outstanding efforts in production and business which have made significant contributions to the local socio-economic development. The provincial Party Secretary asked the company leaders and staff to embrace change and innovation, develop appropriate strategies and roadmaps, thereby actively adapting to unpredictability in the economy to well implement its plans and objectives. He also expressed the hopes that during deep global integration, THACO would excel at its role as the leader which can connect and build conditions for SMEs to participate in the value chain, making good use of opportunities from vigorous shifts in the global supply chains to Vietnam to develop Quang Nam and its Chu Lai Open Economic Zone into attractive destinations for domestic and foreign investors.

At Ho Chi Minh City, THACO's Year Opening Ceremony was attended by THACO Standing Vice Chairman Nguyen Hung Minh, THACO President Pham Van Tai, executive leaders from THACO operations departments, and leaders of THACO Sub-holdings THADICO, THISO, Thiso Retail and nearly 1,000 employees of THACO, THADICO, and THISO Head Offices.


After listening to the Chairman's 2023 Message, THACO President Pham Van Tai noted, "In the exciting and fresh motivations from the spring, we need to immediately get on our feet, take advantage of the new energies to correct and change your thinking, improve your ways of doing things in a more effective and sensible way. Each person should set their own goals with KPIs to create more rooms for growth. In particular, in 2023, we need to pay close attention to developing new successor leaders.“

"Especially, THACO Head Office will be a training center on working expertise, procedures and processes to support the sub-holdings in a clear and detailed fashion, thereby contributing to THACO's management upgrade and development”, added THACO President.

On the same day, THACO AUTO, its Head Office, regional offices in the North, the South and 66 provincial offices across the country simultaneously held the Year Opening Ceremony. The program was attended by more than 17,000 THACO employees, live streamed from Ho Chi Minh City.

The ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Head Office was attended by Ms. Nguyen Thien My - THACO AUTO Standing Vice Chairwoman and Mr. Vo Van Minh - THACO AUTO Vice President in the Southern region. Meanwhile, in the north, the ceremony was held at the Hanoi Office in the presence of Mr. Dam Dinh Thong - THACO AUTO Vice President in the Northern region. The provincial companies organized their ceremony at their respective offices.

During the ceremony, THACO AUTO employees listened to the THACO Chairman's 2023 Message. According to the Chairman, the auto market is extremely competitive in 2023, so the corporation needs to strictly follow its management plans. In particular, management will be reinforced in the North, the South and at the provincial companies to improve sales and service quality, and enhance their operational efficiency and accountability for each employee based on the philosophy of "Dedicated service".


After hearing THACO Chairman's message, Ms. Nguyen Thien My - THACO AUTO Standing Vice Chairwoman emphasized, “In 2023, we are determined to focus on upgrading our management system. Therefore, the operations departments at THACO AUTO Head Office and Regional Offices need to follow and understand real production and business activities to provide efficient management to help THACO AUTO Board of Directors and the provincial companies to perform effective production and business operations, ensure the compliance with regulations and processes, and actively control risks.”

In response to THACO Chairman's 2023 message, in order to continue this new meaningful journey, THACO AUTO employees need to apply a new state of mind with great determination to deliver true values, upholding the spirit of dedication and developing with THACO AUTO in particular and THACO in general.

At Gia Lai Office, the Year Opening Ceremony took place with the participation of THACO AGRI's Board of Directors and more than 200 employees. The ceremony was live streamed at its complexes and subsidiaries.

At the ceremony, Mr. Tran Bao Son, THACO AGRI President made a speech in response to THACO Chairman's 2023 message with determination to achieve the 2023 targets with real data, actions and upgraded management in 2023.


According to THACO AGRI President, in 2023, the corporation continues to build the facilities for production and business at the complexes, carry out freshwater fish farming at the complexes, build and put into operation the first fruit processing factory at Koun Mom Complex, build experimental fields, rice warehouses, rice drying and processing factories in Thai Binh Agro-Forestry Industrial Park.

In management, the company leader emphasized the need to continue the upgrade throughout the system by issuing regulations and processes for each type of operations and control the compliance, pay attention to HR development and training, apply KPIs to each staff member in each farm and factory, and apply the KPI-based salary and compensation system on a par with the current labor market to manage efficiency at each unit.