On April 15, THACO INDUSTRIES organized the "Strategy and Strategic Management" course for 200 leaders and managers of its departments and units.


In the course, Mr. Do Minh Tam, the THACO INDUSTRIES President talked about the importance of strategies, how to build and manage strategies, the vision, mission, strategy of THACO INDUSTRIES, lessons from other large corporations and companies in the world. From there, the strategists can build suitable business strategies to meet the goals, and manage and upgrade such goals in line with the company's development orientation.


He stressed the current shifts in supply chain and the technical revolution are happening strongly. Besides, the business environment also changes rapidly, requiring big changes in the strategy accordingly. To adapt to the market in each period, the company must continuously evaluate and adjust its strategy in a timely and right direction to ensure sustainable development. Under such circumstance, each leader and manager must improve their sense of responsibility and management capacity, develop and implement strategies suitable to each company and unit to increase efficiency, contribute to the overall development of the corporation.