After 9 months in 2022, THACO INDUSTRIES has reached more than VND8.2 trillion in revenues, finishing 63% of the year target. Particularly, the firm has earned nearly $150 million in revenue from exporting the main products as semitrailers, leaf springs, bumpers, wires, seat covers, seat frames, mechanical components, plastic - composite components, industrial equipment and so on.

Demand for manufacturing and processing mechanical products is on the rise, especially during the last months of the year. THACO INDUSTRIES plants and units are going at their full steams to cover its orders in domestic and exporting markets, especially orders from key markets, i.e. the U.S., Australia, U.K., Italy, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, South Korea and Japan.


Inside most of its mechanical plants, work is fast, all production lines are at full steams. Inspection and supervision are intensified at each stage from R&D - material supply - mold processing - surface treatment - sample production to mass production.

On the other hand, the sub-holding is also speeding up the construction of its 4 new plants Mold Plant, Heavy Components Plant, Specialized Equipment Plant, Furniture Production Cluster, meanwhile building and developing its business - management model including an R&D company, a Materials & Mechanical processing company and companies producing specialized equipment & components, spare parts.


With high determination, THACO INDUSTRIES leaders and employees strongly believe that the company will finish its 2022 target to reach total revenues of VND13 trillion, including $237 million in exports. The firm aims at $1 billion export revenue by 2025.