THACO INDUSTRIES goes beyond setting goals and developing leadership by actively tapping into the collective intelligence and creativity of their employees. This approach fosters a sense of belonging, amplifies results, and boosts efficiency. The Mascot Beso project exemplifies the power of THACO's workforce working together.

Mascot Beso - A product of collective intelligence

Towering nearly 20 meters tall, the Mascot Beso isn't just a giant figure at Thiso Mall. It moves, interacts with customers, and expresses a range of emotions. This innovative creation is a testament to THACO INDUSTRIES' expertise, blending mechanical engineering, automation control, and artistic design.

Tập thể nhân sự thuộc dự án nghiên cứu thiết kế, phát triển biểu tượng Beso
The Beso R&D team

Beso's inspiring design and functionality are just the tip of the iceberg. This mascot represents the incredible teamwork behind its creation. Over 200 personnel from various disciplines collaborated for nearly 6 months, meticulously refining every aspect from concept to structure. The production process itself was a great collaboration, encompassing design, engineering, installation, programming, and testing – all working in harmony to bring Beso to life.

Since Beso was a pioneering project, the engineers and personnel faced unique challenges, particularly in the design and construction methods. As the foundation for the entire project, getting this stage right was crucial for cost-effectiveness and optimal product features. From concept to final blueprint, the design team went through a rigorous process of research, refinement, and exploration of various options, ensuring Beso met all the criteria – a stunning design, a robust structure that could handle movement, safe operation, and the ability to seamlessly express a range of emotions.

Anh Cao Ngọc Minh - Trưởng phòng Thiết kế 3D tổng thể, Trung tâm R&D
Mr. Cao Ngoc Minh, 3D Design Manager, R&D Center

Mr. Cao Ngoc Minh, the 3D Design Manager at THACO INDUSTRIES R&D Center shared: "The design process demanded attention to detail. Even a minor error could ripple through later stages, causing significant delays and rework. Understanding this, our engineers approached their tasks with a heightened sense of responsibility, pouring their research and passion into creating the perfect design. Mascot Beso is a testament to the power of collaboration, where every member actively contributed to the creative process."

Anh Huỳnh Minh Lai - Trưởng phòng Lắp đặt kết cấu, Tổ hợp Cơ khí
Mr. Huynh Minh Lai, Construction Manager, Southern Office of M&E Company

The project's simultaneous execution of mechanical and composite processing demanded seamless coordination across a large team. To ensure efficiency, the project team reviewed the operating mechanisms and collaboratively developed a streamlined plan to minimize production time and resource allocation. Mr. Huynh Minh Lai, Construction Manager, Southern Office at M&E Company said: "Precise calculations were needed to determine the optimal structure, ensuring compatibility and durability of materials while maintaining the mascot's aesthetics and flexibility. Given the immense size, intricate structures, and complex control systems, the team put in tireless hours, collaborating closely to overcome challenges and ensure on-schedule completion."

Beyond the electrical and control systems, Beso boasts a giant LED screen that displays a dynamic range of emotions. An AI program helps it analyze visitor behavior and respond accordingly. The IT team fuels Beso's intelligence by continuously integrating cutting-edge technologies, ensuring optimal program and algorithm performance.

Promoting the collective spirit

Thanks to the unwavering teamwork and problem-solving spirit of the project team, Mascot Beso made its debut in November 2022, gracing the opening of the Emart Sala hypermarket. "Witnessing the positive customer response to Beso's arrival has filled us with immense pride. It's incredibly rewarding to see our collective efforts translate into such a well-received result," Mr. Cao Ngoc Minh reflected.

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THACO INDUSTRIES's teams of 2023 

The Mascot Beso project was just one of many triumphs achieved by the THACO INDUSTRIES teams. The R&D engineers and talented factory workers collaborate to deliver projects that exceed customer expectations and meet the demands of both domestic and international markets. In 2023, several outstanding teams were recognized for their achievements, including the Mascot Beso design team, the welding teams from Moving Parts Plant and Specialized Equipment Company, the Engineering and Equipment team from the PC Car Seat Plant, and the installation teams from Laos and Cambodia.

Phòng nghiên cứu 3D tổng thể

3D Design research team

In a large industrial setting, discipline, responsibility, and dedication to shared goals are the key factors. These qualities directly impact productivity, efficiency, and the value each employee contributes. THACO INDUSTRIES fosters a culture of continuous learning and skill development. The employees are empowered to identify their strengths and weaknesses, provided with opportunities to grow alongside the company. This not only strengthens individual talents but also fosters a cohesive team environment, building the THACO INDUSTRIES image as a company driven by technical expertise and intellectual talent.

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Solidarity and creativity thrive in each team and its members, becoming a widespread culture at THACO INDUSTRIES 

THACO INDUSTRIES' success is the culmination of the collective thinking, strength, and dedication of our entire workforce. This spirit of solidarity and creative problem-solving permeates every team, group, and individual, solidifying itself as a core aspect of our company culture.