In June, THACO INDUSTRIES’s Auto Parts Manufacturing Company has exported nearly 8,000 sets of Kia Bongo seat covers to Cellmech International Vina Company in South Korea.

As scheduled, this year, the factory plans to provide this customer with 107,000 sets of Kia Bongo seat covers, 18.5% higher than 2021, and other products such as gearshift covers and seat covers for Kia Rio, Hyundai i30, and Hyundai AX.


With modern production lines and teams of experienced engineers, AUTOCOM is producing a wide variety of products, including car seats for passenger cars, trucks, buses, seat covers, and auto accessories (neck pillows, backrests, steering wheel covers…), tarpaulin, floor mats with high quality, durability and at reasonable prices. The factory is speeding up to improve its production capacity and quality to increase exports to key global markets.