From July 20 to September 8, THACO INDUSTRIES organized a training course on interior design thinking for employees who are managers, product managers, and technical specialists…from its companies and units.


The course was taught by doctors and masters of arts, architects, and artists from the Faculty of Architecture, Da Nang University of Science and Technology on 4 topics: arts (blocks, colors, elements of images); basic forms (visual perception and art, design layout, how to sketch high-end consumer products); architectural culture (the relationship between culture and architecture, Vietnamese and global architectural cultures, the application of traditional culture in design); interior design (style, rules, colors, and feng shui)


Design thinking deeply explores creative thinking methods to develop products that align with customer concepts and needs. The course hopes to enhance learners' knowledge and expertise in design, expand their thinking capacity, inspirations, and ideas, solve challenges they might face in design, explore new design methods for each customer to create aesthetic products, and improve production and business efficiency.