To improve its leaders' management capacity to stay in line with the changing career trends and labor market, on Oct. 8, THACO INDUSTRIES organized a HR management training session for nearly 60 senior executives at its subsidiary companies, units, departments and divisions.



Lectured by Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri - THACO HR Director in Chu Lai with openness, employees discussed topics about the current workforce, career trends and labor market, the challenge posed from impacts of the labor market and the company requirements in new development periods, THACO INDUSTRIES HR management strategies and more. The course has provided learners with better understanding about HR management, thereby coming up with suitable solutions to fit the Group's orientation.


Following its scaling strategy to develop a multi-industry ecosystem, THACO is now in need of large quantities of staff. To build a workforce towards sustainable development, the leaders need to provide appropriate recruitment strategies and HR development plans. Especially, it is necessary to master the postrecruitment and employee engagement steps, enabling employees to integrate into new positions in terms of both profession and corporate culture, nurturing positive working motivation, attachment and dedication.