Guided by the spirit of "Social responsibility," THACO and its subsidiary THACO INDUSTRIES have actively participated in community activities, including blood donation, over the years. As one of the leading volunteer organizations in Quang Nam province's blood donation program, THACO INDUSTRIES provides a significant amount of blood to the blood bank of the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion each year.


THACO Chu Lai's blood donation program in 2023 is being held in two phases, with a target of 1,300 blood units from 1,600 employees. In the first phase on April 1, THACO INDUSTRIES employees donated nearly 350 units of blood. The second phase was on October 21. The THACO INDUSTRIES Board of Directors urges all employees to continue promoting the spirit of community service by actively participating in blood donation to contribute to the national blood reserve, help treat patients promptly, and spread love in the community.

Every drop of blood is a gift of life