On September 16, at the Sala Stadium, THACO Corporate Culture and Communications Department coordinated with THACO Trade Union to open the Sports Festival 2023 at the Ho Chi Minh City Office.


The festival lasts from September 16 to October 7 with 5 main sports: badminton, football, tug of war, swimming, relay race. The opening ceremony was attended by leaders of THACO and Sub-holdings, representatives of THACO Trade Union and Youth Union, and more than 200 athletes from the THACO Headquarters, THACO AGRI, THACO INDUSTRIES, THILOGI, Head Office and the Southern Office of THACO AUTO.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Mot, THACO Corporate Culture and Communications Director remarked, "In sports, winning is important. But what more important is that we play fair, like what THACO people have been doing over the time. That is the most important meaning of sports. In Message 2023, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong stresses we need annual cultural and sports activities at every level based on the new company structure, and sports festivals are a good place for employees to exercise and build good values, develop THACO's internal strengths for the new journey."


After the opening ceremony, spectators were attracted by the dramatic opening football match between THACO Alliance and THACO AUTO 1. The match witnessed a lot of free kicks for both teams, the fans were cheering loudly and the commentator was leaving exciting and hilarious comments about the game. In the end, with diverse attack strategies and better team coordination, the THACO Alliance won their first match with a final score of 3-1.


On behalf of THACO Alliance, Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh Duong, a legal specialist from THACO, who scored 2 decisive goals in the match said, "This is truly an even match. I had some difficulties at the beginning of the match, but thanks to the support from my teammates as well as changing strategies, I scored with 2 decisive shots. I look forward to good results at this sports festival and will try my best to get it for the team."


This is the second year of THACO HCM City Sports Festival. The playground is to improve physical health, enrich the cultural life of employees, and an opportunity for all members from Sub-holdings to connect and build friendship, exchange good qualities that build grounds for THACO's "internal strength", fueling and encouraging THACO employees to try their best in physical training and successfully completing the 2023 targets.