After 3 weeks of exciting competition from Oct. 18, on Nov. 12, THACO Hanoi Sports Festival 2022 came to an end with finals of different games. The festival had the participation of more than 200 employees from units in THACO Hanoi Office, including THACO AUTO, THADICO, THILOGI, and THACO.


The sports festival has become an attraction to provide a healthy playground for a large number of employees, which opened opportunities to learn and exchange experiences from one another, increasing the bond between staff members in Hanoi Office. The sports included badminton, running, tug of war, sack jumping, and team wheel. After 3 weeks of competition, the teams witnessed exciting and dramatic matches with cheerful support from their colleagues.

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“Working here for 8 months, besides team mates, I don't have the opportunity to interact with everyone at the office. Thanks to the Sports Festival, I was in the team with coworkers from other departments. We know we are not alone as we all share the same color and spirit at THACO,” said Ms. Trinh Thi Huong, an administrative executive at Hanoi office.


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Unlike Ms. Huong, Mr. Luu The Phuong, an asset management executive at THACO AUTO has worked at the company for 9 years. And likewise, the Sports Festival has left him with many special emotions. He told us, “Although I have worked here for a long time, this is my first participation in a Sports Festival. I am quite nervous when playing badminton. I was trying to arrange my schedule to join all practice. But I don't feel tired. I am very happy and excited. When we win, we encourage the losing team. And when we lose, we happily congratulate the winning team because we are all colleagues. After the tournament, we will establish a badminton club. We hope it will be a get-together destination after work.”

Themed "Connecting strengths - Connecting success", Hanoi THACO Sports Festival 2022 has strengthened the spirit of unity, physical training, effort and determination among employees.