THACO International Women's Day Festival 2023 at the Headquarters and sub-holdings came with different types of activities, including giving gifts, flowers, contests, workshops and picnics. But most of all, what has made the women feel happiest were the care, bonding and understanding one another.

Happiness in the little things

Ms. Cu Thi Oanh, Hanoi Office said, "On March 8, we all dress in our most beautiful Ao Dais to join the festival. Receiving flowers and gifts on this occasion is always our favorite. But the best part does not come from the values of the gifts, but the understanding and respect from others."

cù-thị-oanh phạm-thị-hoa

Similar to Ms. Oanh, Ms. Pham Thi Hoa, a staff at THACO AUTO Ha Nam agrees that even the smallest caring acts are enough. “I have worked here for 4 years. On March 8 each year, I have a different impression. The most impressive thing is when the male colleagues went to work very early to take our motorbikes into the lot. After that, they gave each of us a rose and a handwritten card. Not big a deal but enough to make our day.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi from THACO AUTO Pham Van Dong also agreed, "On this day, receiving a flower or a glass of water from colleagues is heart-warming enough for me."

Happy to connect and understand each other better

Not only gifts and caring acts can do the magic, March 8 also gives them happiness thanks to the unity and understanding from colleagues in other departments and divisions.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Tram from THACO Chu Lai Office shared, "After the talking and games with others at THACO INDUSTRIES, I have learned quite a lot and made new friends from other departments and units. It is very exciting and gives me a lot of positive energy to work.”

Ms. Ho Thi Nhan from THACO AUTO Quang Nam also said that the THACO International Women's Day every year is an opportunity to connect. “Female employees will wear ao dais on Saturday and join a picnic. Although we are from different ages, we are all delighted. The young ones are creative, while the older are caring, all forming a strong solidarity between us," Ms. Nhan happily shared.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem, who has been working for THILOGI for more than 10 years, “Every year, on this occasion, the women can participate in exciting activities organized by the company. This year, the exciting games really brought us together in joy, comfort and special bonding with each other."

nguyễn-thị-diễm nguyễn-ngọc-thủy-tiên

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Tien from THACO AGRI, Ho Chi Minh Office happily said, “I am impressed with the beautiful flower pots from the male colleagues. The workshop is useful as well. I have learned many makeup tips from the expert. The Ring the golden bell game is the highlight this time, which is not only exciting but also thrilling in each question about the Group. I am so delightful to join and have fun with other female coworkers at THACO AGRI.”

Happy to be a member of THACO's "big family"

Not only bonding, after participating in the festival, each THACO female employee feels more connected with their workplace.

Ms. Vu Thi Trang from Ho Chi Minh City Office said excitedly, “Each female employee is a beautiful flower to paint THACO's big picture and I feel happy to be a member of that great family. Joining the program with other THADICO female staff, I feel that this year's activities are meaningful, from the makeup workshop to the Ring the Golden Bell contest, along with the meaningful wishes and surprise gifts from the male colleagues."


Likewise, Ms. Kim Chi told us, "I am really grateful to be a member of THACO AUTO Pham Van Dong. What I like most is that after busy working hours, we are comfortable to join other activities. I hope that the festival will take place every year so that THACO women can shine and "play" to our heart's content."

"This year, Thiso Retail has moved to Sadora Office, so I could join the festival with colleagues from THACO for the first time. I felt the joy and the unity among each of us, just like a big family", Ms. Tran Thi Kim Ngan from Ho Chi Minh City Office shared her thoughts.

Photos of THACO International Women's Day festival 2023:

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At the Hanoi Office, the women in beautiful ao dais are receiving their flowers. In particular, the program also provides exciting games such as lucky draws, love letters, who are talented, who are good, word guessing from pictures.

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Meanwhile, at Chu Lai Office, the festival took place at more than 30 companies and units with vibrant and diverse activities, e.g. gift giving, lauding representative female employees, and contests. The event also had music performances and team building activities.

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The Ho Chi Minh City Office surprises the women with exciting activities including Check in, taking snapshots, Office makeup workshop, “Ring the Golden Bell” contest, music performances, lucky draw and gift giving.