A total of 368 pupils and students, who are children of employees from THACO and Sub-holdings have been awarded in THACO Employees’ Children Scholarship 2023 program.


Specifically, there were 248 students from THACO Chu Lai, 81 from THACO AUTO, 11 at THADICO, 18 at THACO AGRI, 6 at THISO and 4 at THACO Ho Chi Minh City Office.

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These are students who have achieved outstanding academic results in their district or city, and actively made significant contributions to youth union activities. Especially, many have overcome hardship to keep on learning.


Employees’ Children Scholarship is a traditional culture of THACO, which aims to send a token of encouragement to the students to study hard and become responsible members with substantial contributions to the society. It is also a good indication that THACO and its trade union are always committed to the employee well-being.