On Nov. 19, THACO College held the Opening Ceremony of the 2022-23 school year and celebrated the 40th Vietnamese Teachers' Day (Nov. 20). Attending the ceremony were Nui Thanh District People's Committee authorities, Quang Nam authorities, the school partners, THACO Chu Lai leaders, staff members, teachers and 500 students representing the total 1,000 students of the school.

Mr. Do Minh Tam, THACO INDUSTRIES President beats the drum to start the school year


In the 2021-2022 school year, despite difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic, the school still managed to innovate its teaching programs and content, improve the training quality, diversify types of enrollment to serve THACO's multi-industry development. School enrollment reached 93% of its targets. More than 95% of graduates have jobs at factories in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. 100 employees were trained to work at THACO AGRI's farms in Laos and Cambodia. The school also received high achievements in different contests, e.g. National Conference of Vocational Education, Provincial and National DIY Training Equipment Contest. In addition, the school has trained and upgraded professional capacity, management skills and soft skills for more than 7,000 employees of THACO, and occupational safety for over 13,000.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Principal of THACO College is delivering the school opening speech
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Awards are being given to winners of National DIY Training Equipment Contest
Graduation degrees are being handed to students of Class XI

To perform well in the new period to meet THACO's multi-industry development requirements, THACO College continues to upgrade its advantages as a corporation's training institution which will prepare facilities, programs, staff and training equipment for new majors, focus on key majors in automotive technology, mechanics, agri, and open new majors of vocational training, e.g. accounting, veterinary, etc., establish 3 training centers at THACO AGRI's farms in Laos and Cambodia. In the meantime, lecturers need to focus on improving their qualifications and knowledge in new production and business fields, updating new technologies to develop appropriate teaching content and methods in line with realities.

On this occasion, THACO College handed graduation degrees, and rewarded students with excellent achievements, and the winning teachers for their achievements at the provincial and national DIY Training Equipment Context.