On July 31, at Chu Lai, THACO College opened the first industrialized fruit growing (banana) class for 52 students who are local people living in Quang Nam province.


The training period lasts from July 31 to October 31, teaching students the technical requirements of crop planting, rearing, harvesting and processing at THACO AGRI complexes in Laos and Cambodia. The students are also given orientation education for workers working abroad as required by the Vietnamese law, occupational safety and crops. They will spend a month studying at THACO College, and then have a 2-month practice period at THACO AGRI complexes in Laos.


The class is organized based on the agreement between THACO College and THACO AGRI signed in 2021 on supporting recruitment and transferring qualified and skilled workers to work in the agricultural complexes, farms and units of THACO AGRI.


Mr. Phan Tiem, the THACO College Director said, "THACO is focusing its investment in the agricultural business in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. So it means THACO AGRI is in need of a well-trained workforce to work in the complexes, especially on large crop farms. In the coming time, the College will continue the enrollment and training at Nam Giang, Dong Giang, Tay Giang, Phuoc Son, and Hiep Duc districts in Quang Nam province, and provinces bordering with Cambodia and Laos, for example, KonTum, to provide skilled labor for THACO AGRI farms in Laos.”