Responding to the volunteer campaign “Green Soldiers” launched by the Quang Nam Provincial Youth Union, on July 15, THACO Chu Lai Youth Union carried out its project in Tay Giang, a district in the province.


In the project, THACO Chu Lai Youth Union funded an amount of VND50 million for 5 union members who are living in difficult conditions in Tr’Hy village, seeking to help them overcome difficulties and make a living.


Since the beginning of the year, the union has joined other community activities to support poor people in the mountainous areas of Quang Nam, e.g. "Warmer winter – Loving spring ", "Lighting up the countryside" in Bac Tra My district, "Lighting up the border" in Nam Giang district, giving planting gardens to under-privileged youths in Nui Thanh district.


The community activities have by and large demonstrated THACO Chu Lai young generation's roles in growing the economy, contributing to the social welfare, and building better rural areas, especially in mountain regions and remote areas.