Accounting for 23% of the employees at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, female employees play an important role in the Group's overall development. Responsible, dedicated and creative, the women have come up with different solutions to improve productivity, product quality, and work efficiency. In 2022, out of 36 employees of the year, there were 7 female employees who earned the title, evident of their hard-earned efforts having been paid off.

Working at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park for more than 1 year, with passion and can-do spirit, Ms. Tran Thi Bup has become the first female welding worker at the body welding workshop, Non-ferrous metal Team, Mechanical Center of THACO INDUSTRIES. Worried that she could not meet the job requirements at first which were not suitable for women, thanks to her constant learning, up to now, Ms. Bup has mastered the process of welding non-ferrous metal materials and mastered the non-ferrous metal processing techniques, from work piece joining to the finishing stage of welding. “Seeing the men at the factory making quality products, I thought that if they can do it, I can do it too. The determination to learn shooed away my fears. Thanks to the encouragement and support from the managers and seniors, I worked and studied to improve", shared Ms. Bup.

Chị-Trần-Thị-Búp-là-nữ-công-nhân-hàn-đầu-tiên-của-xưởng-Hàn-thùng-(THACO-INDUSTRIES) Chị-Búp-đang-thực-hiện-hàn-tig
Ms. Tran Thi Bup is the first female welding worker of the barrel welding workshop

Talking about her first completion of a TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, there is joy sparkling in her eyes, “Putting down the equipment, finding that the welding was clean and nicely done, I was so happy as I have overcome myself and do things I never thought possible before.” Thanks to her strong spirit and dedication in her work, Ms. Tran Thi Bup has obtained a TIG welding certificate in AWS D1.1 and became one of 7 female employees of the year 2022.

Not only actively learning to improve professional expertise, the women also promote creativity to increase work efficiency. Ms. Mai Thi Bao Ny, a car seat sewing worker at THACO INDUSTRIES has contributed some valuable technical improvement projects, namely Improving the process to sew TOP TETHER label on car seats, Improving the plastic cutting layout for seat covers, saving nearly VND150 million per year. She said, “When I teach my children at home, I have discovered a pen with invisible ink, from which I came up with the idea to apply this pen in sewing to avoid removing the edges. I realize that finding solutions to overcome difficulties at work can start from the smallest things if you take the time to observe and learn."

Mai Thi Bao Ny - worker sewing clothes for tourist car seats

At the passenger car wire harness plant (THACO INDUSTRIES), when it comes to Pham Thi My Quyen, an electric wire assembling worker, also the Employee of the Year 2022, everyone talks about her with admiration. Mr. Dang Huu Phu, the team leader told us, “In the past year, not only did she launch two innovative projects to save VND23 million VND per year, she also improved her performance by exceeding her individual target by 14% and helping to increase the team productivity by 11% compared to 2021.”

Ms. Pham Thi My Quyen - electric wire assembly worker

Unlike female engineers and workers working in the factories, Ms. Dang Thi Luu working at the International Business Planning Department of THACO AUTO specializes in ordering PSPO (parts and components). Along with her coworkers, her work actively supports production activities. Thanks to her confidence and decisiveness, skillful and flexible negotiation, she has made successful deals with partners that shortened order time, and saved more than VND100 million VND in 2022 transportation costs. “The industrial workplace requires high-level system and synchronization in the workflows, so each employee needs to align their personal development with the company's development. For me, a good employee not only fulfills their job but also needs to share and support others to achieve the common goals and plans. The products are the results of our common efforts," shared Ms. Luu. During stressful times when projects entered finishing stage and coworkers were not feeling well or having issues, she also volunteered to cover their work.

Ms. Dang Thi Luu is checking the order procedures

Resilient, creative and dedicated, the female employees at THACO Chu Lai have turned pressure and difficulties into motivation and passion in their work, as well as not forgetting to support and help each other, affirming the role of women in the company's development, and also motivating dedication in all employees.