The hot weather, the high temperatures, so are the demands for electricity use, which could potentially lead to power overuse and risks of fire and explosion. To protect people's safety, property and business operations at the company, THACO Chu Lai has been strengthening inspection of occupational safety and fire prevention at its companies and units.

Accordingly, the Department of Occupational Safety and Fire Prevention of THACO Chu Lai organized inspections and maintenance of the electrical system, examined the current firefighting equipment and vehicles. At units, fire protection systems have been installed in accordance with standards and quality, meanwhile, materials and goods are neatly arranged in types, ensuring safety and favorable conditions for inspection and firefighting when fire occurs.

THACO-Chu-Lai-tăng-cường-công-tác-phòng-chống-cháy-nổ-trong-mùa-nắng-nóng-1 THACO-Chu-Lai-tăng-cường-công-tác-phòng-chống-cháy-nổ-trong-mùa-nắng-nóng-2

THACO Chu Lai also organizes regular fire drills to respond to emergency, in which on-site firefighting squads are summoned to coordinate with the fire prevention and fighting forces, providing employees with knowledge of how to handle fires, how to use firefighting tools on the spot, and first aid procedures.


The current firefighting team at the industrial park consists of 2 trucks and 12 members (6 people per vehicle) available all days and nights. At the company and unit level, there are teams in charge of inspecting occupational safety, fire protection and maintenance.


A small mistake could lead to bigger risks of fire and explosion and cause serious consequences. THACO Chu Lai's Board of Directors recommends that each employee should take careful measures of fire protection and consider this an important task to contribute to ensuring safety in production and business.