During its development history, THACO has been focusing on building industrial staff who embrace creativity, technicality and discipline. In particular, creativity is the quality that is encouraged and promoted among employees, especially for engineers and workers working at THACO Chu Lai - a largescale multi-industry industrial park which applies hi-tech, scientific production process and requires technical expertise and creative works.

In recent years, the technical improvement program has been widely upheld in factories and units. Since 2018, THACO Chu Lai has accomplished more than 6,560 technical initiatives and improvements. In 2022 alone, there were more than 1,850, a 54% increase compared to 2021. Not limited in quantity, the improvements also improved in their quality. Different machines, equipment, production lines and management software... have been created, upgraded and improved, making important contributions to improving production and business efficiency.

Group of engineers and workers of THACO Mazda factory introduced about Improvement of paint drying room chain

THACO Mazda Plant is the program spearhead during 2022 with nearly 300 projects which accounted for 36% of the projects of THACO Chu Lai. The Welding, Technical Operations, Operations & Maintenance were the best contributors. “Improving chains used in the color-paint drying room” was a representative project that has helped to reduce interruptions in the chain, and shorten the drying time by half, saving VND1.6 billion in energy costs for production in 2022 and nearly VND14 billion in installation costs.

Mr. Huynh Van Thuong, the Technical Manager at THACO Mazda, leader of the improvement team said, “We were under a lot of pressure when carrying out the project as a small error can affect the production schedule. Therefore, after completing and handing over this improvement to the workshop, we were so glad to have beaten the challenge. The idea that was once thought not feasible months before is now being put into operation and contributes to improving product quality and saving costs for the company.”

Mr. Huynh Van Thuong, THACO Mazda Technical Manager, leader of the Improving chains used in the color-paint drying room team

THACO KIA Plant came second with nearly 290 innovations and improvements in 2022. Especially, the floor welding line in the welding workshop contributed more than 50 projects. The outstanding topic "Designing welding bolts jigs" eliminated the floor reverse to weld the bottom surface, helping to save labor, improve convenient operation, cut production time for rear floor from 6 to 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and increase body welding productivity from 10 to 13.5 bodies per hour. Mr. Bui Van Vinh, the Leader of the middle floor Welding team at KIA Welding Workshop shared, "I am proud to join with the team to carry out the projects which have helped to improve productivity and product quality. Time after time, the improvement program has become our joy and motivation every day.” In 2020, thanks to his creative efforts, Mr. Vinh won the title of Employee of the Year and his team, the middle floor welding team was honored to receive the Team of the Year.

Mr. Bui Van Vinh, Middle Floor Welding Team Leader, Welding Workshop, THACO KIA Plant is explaining welding techniques to workers

Mr. Nguyen Luyen, the Leader of the front floor welding team at KIA welding workshop, was one of the staff members who did the most improvement projects in 2022, 11 ones to be exact. He said, "For me, improvement must come from smallest things. In working, we need to continuously explore and research to come up with optimal solutions. Innovation and improvement are the fruits of collective creativity. Each person contributes an idea, shares knowledge, and complements each other. That's when the new project can be completed, through which our bond also increases”.

Mr. Nguyen Luyen, Front Floor Welding Team Leader, Welding Workshop, THACO KIA Plant is monitoring the spot welding process

At THACO Chu Lai, in 2022, different units enthusiastically contributed a large number of valuable projects such as Steel Plant (more than 140 projects), Molds Plant (135 topics), THACO Luxury Car (nearly 130 topics), Plastic Components Plant (125 topics), etc. The project which generated high efficiency included Improving PU Glue spraying which saved more than VND1 billion (VAM Plant); Designing automatic circular saw machine to save more than VND120 million (Molds Plant); Designing production information LED screen (THACO Luxury Car Plant); Design and construction of the central control room to monitor operations on production lines, power quality, send out warnings, timely detect and quickly handle incidents, support security, fire and explosion prevention at the factory (THACO Truck Plant).

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Designing Welding Bolts Jigs (Welding Workshop, THACO KIA Plant)

In recognition of the program, THACO leadership has been creating favorable conditions to encourage improvement, and presenting rewards and commendation for outstanding teams and individuals, giving staff more motivation in their creativity. Innovation and improvement activities have made an important contribution to improving technology content, increasing productivity, quality, reducing product costs, and boosting efficiency and competitiveness of the company.