To provide a healthy playground after working hours, improve spiritual life and developing THACO corporate culture, on Sept. 13, THACO Trade Union and Youth Union in Chu Lai opened Men's Football Tournament 2022 in celebration of the Holding's 25th anniversary. Mr. Pham Van Tai, THACO President attended the tournament's opening ceremony.

8 teams participate in the tournament

The tournament will take place from Sept. 13 to 27 at THACO College's football field with 8 teams from sub-holdings, companies and units at THACO Chu Lai with more than 100 players. In the mini football format, each team will have 7 players playing on the field. The teams are divided into 2 groups who will compete in the qualification round to enter semi-finals, then final rounds. Besides the men's tournament, on Sept. 22, THACO Chu Lai will open the women's tournament as well.

 Mr. Pham Van Tai speaks at the opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Pham Van Tai sent his encouragement to the employees, "Let's play like real players, embrace team working, sportsmanship and the beauty of THACO culture. Let's give the best football matches to the audience. I hope after the tournament, you will have more joy and motivation in your work to fulfill all goals, contributing to THACO's sustainable development in our new journey with new state of mind".

A match between THILOGI and THACO Industries

Over the years, along with skill training and policy development, THACO in general and THACO Chu Lai in particular have always been paying close attention to the cultural and sports activities among the staff members. This year, THACO Chu Lai expects to open different employee engagement activities, including Men's and Women's Football Tournaments, Volleyball Tournament, THACO Beauty Contest, THACO Singing Contest in hopes to bring more meaningful and exciting experiences to employees.