On February 1, THACO held a conference to deploy the 2024 THACO Chu Lai plan.

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THACO Chu Lai's 2024 Business Plan Conference

In automobile, THACO AUTO Production Division actively research and develop products tailored to specific customer needs. In 2023, THACO AUTO maintained its dominance in the domestic market with over 81,400 cars sold, capturing a 36% market share, and promoted exports to Southeast Asia and the wider world. In Mechanics & Supporting Industries, THACO INDUSTRIES leverages a large-scale, specialized production model and prioritizes sustainable development across the value chain. This approach enabled them to export diverse products to demanding markets like North America, Europe, and Australia, generating an export revenue of $106 million in 2023 and pushing the total revenue to nearly VND8,700 billion. In logistics, THILOGI invests heavily in port infrastructure, equipment, and supply chain upgrades. This focus on optimization is evident in the development of the Chu Lai international logistics center and regional satellite centers, ultimately aiming for cost parity with Southern and Northern Vietnam. In 2023, the Chu Lai port's throughput reached over 3 million tons.

In 2023, THACO Chu Lai has paid more than VND20,100 billion in taxes, including nearly VND16,000 billion in Quang Nam province.

Two decades and four investment cycles later, THACO Chu Lai has blossomed into a thriving new-generation, multi-industry ecosystem within Chu Lai. This green, smart, and sustainable complex encompasses various key sectors: Automobile manufacturing center, Mechanics and supporting industries center, Logistic center, Agro-forestry production center, Commercial service center, Urban areas and social utility projects.

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is giving his directions in the event

Speaking at the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong said: "THACO's journey as a multi-industry corporation over the past 20 years has demonstrably contributed to the economic growth of Quang Nam province and the broader central region. Looking ahead, the company aims to be a key driver in propelling the central region towards parity with the more developed north and south. To achieve such vision, THACO remains committed to our multi-industry strategy. A key focus lies in continuously upgrading our management practices." The THACO Chairman went on to call upon provincial leaders to review ongoing projects, particularly with the aim of streamlining legal procedures to facilitate further investment and development, enabling THACO to pursue its even greater goals.

Mr. Le Tri Thanh, Chairman of Quang Nam People's Committee is making his speech at the event

During the conference, the Chairman of the Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Le Tri Thanh commended THACO for its remarkable efforts and resilience in navigating economic challenges. He highlighted their significant contribution to the provincial budget, representing a substantial 51% share. Moreover, the Chairman affirmed his commitment to actively supporting THACO's future investment and development projects.

Best employees and teams of 2023

At the conference, leaders of THACO, THACO INDUSTRIES, THILOGI, and THACO AUTO Production Division awarded outstanding employees and teams in 2023 working in Chu Lai.