In May 2024 alone, THACO AUTO trained nearly 500 personnel from affiliated units. These comprehensive training programs, designed for different experience levels, equip staff with the necessary knowledge and expertise to meet evolving customer demands and drive sales success across THACO AUTO's nationwide showroom network.

Maximizing leadership and sales management capacity

THACO AUTO, in collaboration with BMW Asia, held a Level-2 ICT Sales Manager training and certification program from May 22 to 24 at BMW Long Bien, Hanoi. This program targeted Deputy Directors, Department Heads, and Deputy Heads of BMW brand sales departments.

 Chương trình đào tạo và cấp chứng chỉ cho cấp quản lý bán hàng (ICT Sales Manager)
ICT Sales Manager training and certification program for sales managers

Led by Mr. Brett Cowell, a BMW Asia training expert, the program equipped participants with in-depth knowledge of Level-2 ICT Sales Management responsibilities. This included leadership skills, market research, KPI development, and business activity management within their units. Additionally, the program covered crucial areas like recruitment, personnel training, employee motivation, customer approach methods, and multi-channel sales techniques.

The ICT Sales Manager training program for senior levels is expected to continue in September.

Improving knowledge and skills for sales personnel

THACO AUTO hosted a comprehensive product, sales, and marketing training program for over 100 Kia brand team leaders and sales consultants from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on May 10 and 13.

Kia brand specialists at THACO AUTO led a training session for their sales team, covering brand history, vehicle product lines, target customer segments, and effective sales & marketing approaches.

Đào tạo Sản phẩm, Bán hàng và Marketing nhóm thương hiệu xe Kia tại Hà Nội
Kia Product, Sales and Marketing training in Hanoi

THACO AUTO followed up with two internal programs in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on May 14 and 17, respectively. These sessions, "Q&A Document for Consulting on Peugeot Car Models" and "Peugeot Product, Sales, and Marketing Training Program," were participated by 95 sales personnel from provincial and city companies.

Đào tạo “Bộ tài liệu Q&A hướng dẫn tư vấn các mẫu xe Peugeot” tại TP.HCM
Training on "Q&A Document for consulting on Peugeot models" in Ho Chi Minh City

The Peugeot brand training sessions provided participants with comprehensive knowledge, including brand value, car models across various segments, and in-depth product lines. Additionally, the program facilitated discussions using Q&A case consultations. Notably, the Ho Chi Minh City session incorporated role-playing exercises to enhance participants' understanding of customer psychology and equip them with the skills to handle situations sensitively and flexibly.

Đào tạo nâng cao kỹ năng chuyên môn cho nhân sự bán hàng xe Peugeot tại Hà Nội
Kia Product, Sales and Marketing training in Hanoi

Training new human resources at member units

THACO AUTO prioritizes both strategic recruitment and ongoing training for their sales force, ensuring each employee possesses the necessary knowledge and professional skills to excel in their role.

THACO AUTO's centralized training program offers employees convenient access to comprehensive sales knowledge and skills development. The program caters to all levels, from foundational concepts to in-depth expertise. Participants gain a thorough understanding of THACO AUTO's vehicle lines, market trends, and effective sales strategies. This empowers them to confidently approach and consult customers, ultimately boosting sales efficiency throughout the company.

THACO AUTO conducted a series of brand-specific training sessions throughout May. These programs included knowledge training on Mazda products for Ho Chi Minh City consultants (May 10), sales and marketing training for Kia and Mazda representatives in the Southeast and Central Highlands (May 23), and a Peugeot product branding session for Hanoi consultants (May 24).

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Mazda product training in Ho Chi Minh City

Peugeot product training in Hanoi

Training activities at THACO AUTO will go beyond knowledge and skill transfer. The corporation aims to identify and develop the unique strengths of each employee, ensuring they are well-matched to their roles. This comprehensive approach will further elevate the quality of THACO AUTO's human resources.