On Dec. 23, at Tien Sa Port in Da Nang City, THACO AUTO exported Peugeot Django 150CC motorcycles to the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Cambodia, finishing its over-1,000-vehicle export target in 2022. The exports also affirm initial success of the cooperation in premium vehicle production between THACO AUTO and PEUGEOT Motorcycles (France) to offer quality and suitable products to the ASEAN markets.


The Django 150cc owns the Peugeot technology and design DNA, developed from the legendary S55 and S57 models in the 1950s. The model is a harmonious combination of the classic and the modern-day styles, and a symbol of freedom and elegance. The highlight is the "Lion" emblem outlined by LED daytime running lights.

The seat is high enough for Asian people. There are an 8-liter fuel tank, a spacious trunk, a glove compartment with a 12V power outlet for phone charging, bringing convenience to users.

The motorcycle is equipped with an Easy-Motion EURO 4 engine with electronic fuel injection, creating a balance in performance, fuel economy and environmental friendliness. The motorbike also offers outstanding performance, which promises enjoyable riding experiences. The model is equipped with a rear disc brake system that increases maximum braking force and ensures safety and stability in unexpected situations.


Produced at THACO Motorcycle Plant in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, Quang Nam Province, the Django 150cc meets Peugeot quality standards and the regional value content requirements (42%). The Plant is built according to European standards with modern production lines. There are a vehicleframe assembly line with high-precision welding jig systems, and a new wet-onwet coating line. The finished product assembly line has an automated conveyor system. The inspection line is equipped with testing equipment for brakes, speed, emissions, lights, noises levels... Especially, motorcycles before rolled out are tested on a 2.4-kilometer track which simulates different types of actual terrains.


The Peugeot Django manufactured by THACO AUTO is receiving increased appreciation from customers in ASEAN countries for its luxurious design, good quality and competitive prices. This is the 4th shipment this year, totaling the company's export volume to 1,000 vehicles, which has reached its year target. In 2023, THACO AUTO plans to ship more than 3,000 Peugeot Django motorcycles to the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and other new markets.

To meet domestic production and export, THACO AUTO continues to make investments in upgrading the production lines of THACO Motorcycle Plant, expand its product range and increase its local content, optimize costs and meet export requirements of the ASEAN region and the global markets, improve competitiveness, step by step participate in the global value chain.