As of Sep. 9, THACO AUTO's blood donation program has received positive responses from its employees with nearly 300 blood donations, which will increase more in the future.

On Sep. 9, at Nguyen Van Troi BMW showroom, the blood donation program was organized for THACO AUTO provincial companies in Ho Chi Minh City. The preparation of waiting area, personal information checkin, blood donation area and resting area after donation were arranged conveniently and safely.




Donating blood for 8 times, Mr. Cai Minh Phung - KIA Sales Team Lead at Phu My Hung Mazda showroom said, “I join the donation every year to make some small contributions to support the patients in need. Donating blood does not affect your health. After doing it, you just need to rest for a few days, and then everything returns to normal." Mr. Le Van Le, an Administrative Executive also noted that blood donation did not only help other people but also benefited the donor. He told us, “In all 10 donations, I all feel healthier. As far as I know, when donating blood, the body will create new blood, better immunity and this is also a good way to check your own health."

phu quco

Previously, on Aug. 18, THACO AUTO Phu Quoc also held its blood donation program in coordination with the ctiy People's Committee and the R e d Cross Society. Mr. Do Minh Luan, the branch Director shared, "Blood donation is a meaningful CSR activity. It gives me joy to help others in need. So each of us should multiply that joy by willingly donating blood when possible.” Giving blood at his workplace, Mr. Nguyen Trung Nhan, an Administration Executive shared, “This is the 4th time I have participated in blood donation. I am so happy to be able to help patients i n critical conditions. I will definitely join future donations and tell my colleagues to join as well."

Nghệ An

Kon tum.2


Also in August, THACO AUTO Nghe An collaborated with the National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion to organize the blood donation which received more than 100 blood units. Mr. Le Duc Hung, a Marketing Executive at the branch shared, “I am happy to do good deeds to other people who are weaker. Blood donation is more than a noble gesture." In addition, other branches in Kon Tum, Binh Thuan also actively participated in the donation program this year. Ms. Nguyen Thao Ngan, a Sales Representative at Binh Thuan branch told us about her first donation, “I wasn't scared 'cause I know what I do is meaningful. Donating blood does not affect our health. We only need to know how to rest and eat properly after that."

Blood donation has become an annual THACO activity with the participation of many employees. Embracing such spirit, THACO AUTO, the THACO's automotive subholding has also considered blood donation as one of its meaningful CSR events. The program will continue through Dec. 2022 across its provincial companies nationwide.