Developing strong work force is one of the most important tasks to accomplish the company's strategies. THACO is entering its new development cycle, which requires staff to improve their competency to meet the new requirements from production and business.

In his 2023 Message, THACO Chairman emphasized, "We need to focus on developing strategies to build a work force in line with the corporation's new development era". Accordingly, special attention is paid to training to improve working skills and capacity, forming a new generation of industrial people, and creating favorable conditions to build employees' development and loyalty.


Acknowledging the importance of training and actual production requirements, THACO AUTO Chu Lai has organized different training courses to enhance management performance at the operations management departments and supplement professional knowledge and skills for engineers and technicians.

Since the beginning of 2023, nearly 200 courses have been given at factories of THACO AUTO Complex and the Automotive R&D Center. The training was performed in the forms of direct internal training at workshops and factories, classes at THACO College, or inviting in-house experts or professional trainers. In particular, there were 180 courses about knowledge and skills in automobile manufacturing and assembly, including operating robots, machines and equipment, quality control, assembly process at each station, process of painting, welding, dipping, vehicle operation, or checking materials... After the courses, the learners were introduced to new technologies, able to operate the machine better, and better understood new techniques in the process of automobile assembly and production. At the same time, the courses were also to provide ways how to reduce waste and errors, promote innovation, and churning out high-quality products, finally fulfilling THACO AUTO's commitments with customers. Besides, there are periodic training courses for management skills, occupational safety and health, fire prevention, Kaizen, 5S and so on.


In 2023, the company sets out to develop a new team of internal lecturers, to open new in-depth professional training courses, especially in training leaders, technologies management and R&D engineers. In particular, the leaders and managers should carry a sense of responsibility, set role models, embark on continuous self-development to nurture confidence, innovation ideas and stay updated with technology trends and market demands, train and enable subordinate development.


To update knowledge and improve efficient operations in supply chain management, on Mar. 3 and 4, THACO AUTO Chu Lai organized the "Supply chain management” training for 40 leaders and managers at companies and affiliated units. The course provided knowledge on how to build an overall supply chain management channel for the production and business activities at THACO AUTO Chu Lai. After the course, students will complete the supply chain management textbook to train other employees at the units, and propose solutions in line with the corporation's orientations for better efficiency in future production and business.

In the coming time, THACO AUTO Chu Lai will continue to strengthen training with diverse contents and forms to fit its production and business realities and current market demands. To do so, the Corporation's leaders have been creating conditions for all employees to improve their responsibility and creativity, and to join in training courses to improve their own expertise and use it effectively at their companies and units.