On the morning of June 5, the first Flag Salute Ceremony was held at THACO AGRI Head Office with the presence of the company Board of Directors and more than 200 employees to brief the highlighted events of THACO and THACO AGRI in May and their June plans.

THACO-AGRI-tổ-chức-Lễ-Chào-cờ-đầu-tháng-1 THACO-AGRI-tổ-chức-Lễ-Chào-cờ-đầu-tháng-2

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phi, the THACO AGRI Vice President emphasized, the flag salute is a culture that has been well embraced in many years at THACO and now continues to be maintained and developed at its Sub-holdings. At THACO AGRI, the activity will be carried out monthly to inform the production and business plans at the subsidiaries and departments of the corporation in the month, and at the same time reminding all employees in regulation compliance.