To strengthen the close ties between Vietnam - Laos - Thailand in general and between their provinces in particular, on April 9 and 10, in Pakse city, Champasak province, Laos, the forum was organized by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Pakse in collaboration with the Champasak province office and the Vietnam E-commerce Association.

Bí Thư TW Phan Văn Mãi

At the program, THACO AGRI introduced its strategy of large-scale organic agricultural production which is managed industrially throughout a closed-loop, integrated and circular value chain, the smart farming model in Attapeu (Laos), and showcased its main fruit products - bananas, pineapples, mangoes...

The exhibition had 40 booths from different countries, of which 20 came from Vietnamese businesses. The participants major in Mechanical engineering, handicrafts, biological products, food, garments, agricultural products and more.