From January 24 to February 1, THACO AGRI and subsidiaries including Pig Farming Company, Trung Nguyen Cow Livestock Company, Hoang Anh Dak Company Lak, Cao Nguyen CAT Company, and agricultural complexes organized their 2024 business plan conferences.

THACO AGRI - Focus on management work

THACO AGRI's 2024 Business Plan Conference took place on January 31 at the company's headquarters in Gia Lai. Under the leadership of THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong, THACO President Pham Van Tai, and THACO AGRI President Tran Bao Son, the event drew over 380 executives from various complexes, member companies, and functional departments across THACO, THACO AGRI, HAGL AGRICO, THADICO, THADICONS A&I, and THILOGI, both at the Gia Lai office and its branch complexes.

THACO AGRI's 2024 Business Plan Conference

Mr. Tran Bao Son, THACO AGRI President said: For 2024, THACO AGRI doubles down on agricultural expansion, including planting over 7,200 hectares of bananas and 350 hectares of pineapples. We also plan to increase the cattle herd to over 150,000 heads and integrate 7,100 hectares of fruit trees with cattle farming. Existing rubber operations will see continued care and harvesting across 9,500+ hectares. Meanwhile, the pig herd is set to reach 136,600+ animals, with feed production reaching 120,000 tons.

Broadening its operations, THACO AGRI will establish agricultural equipment manufacturing plants at Koun Mom, Snuol, and HAGL AGRICO Lao complexes in 2024. Additionally, the company plans to construct a plastic materials factory and a paper packaging factory at the Snuol complex.

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is making a speech at the event

Directing at the Conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong emphasized: Leveraging the successful 2023 integrated model, THACO AGRI identifies 2024 as a pivotal year for banana cultivation, cattle raising, and specialized workforce development. Focusing on technical expertise, disease prevention, and seed development, staff training is crucial. Additionally, boosting output and revenue at Koun Mom, Snuol, and Laos complexes is central to establishing a strong international presence. This year, management receives particular attention, with targeted recruitment, job assignments, and training aimed at building robust leadership across all crop and livestock operations.

THACO AGRI leaders and staff at the conference

In recognition of exceptional performance and dedication, THACO AGRI presented awards to 5 outstanding teams and 14 individual employees during its recent conference. These individuals had made significant contributions to the company's success in 2023.

Pig Farming Company, Ia Puch Complex, Trung Nguyen Cow Livestock Company, Hoang Anh Dak Lak Company and CAT Cao Nguyen Company - Setting strong growth targets in 2024

The Pig Farming Company held a conference in Ho Chi Minh City on January 27 to reveal its plans for 2024. The company reported results for 2023, raising a total of 58,042 pigs and selling 115,306. Additionally, their animal feed production reached 84,215 tons, with sales of 55,772 tons.

Pig Farming Company's 2024 Business Plan Conference

The company revealed growth plans at its conference, aiming to significantly increase pig production. The company targets more than 181,000 pigs raised in 2024. This upward trajectory is expected to continue, with a projected total herd size of 618,585 by 2027.

Mr. Tran Tien, Pig Farming Company Vice President is presenting at the event

Animal feed production is set to surge with an increase to 120,000 tons projected for 2024. This momentum is expected to continue, reaching a significant output of 439,600 tons by 2027.

Besides, on February 1, Ia Puch Complex organized the 2024 Business Plan Conference of Trung Nguyen Cow Livestock Company, Hoang Anh Dak Lak Company and Cao Nguyen CAT Company.

Ia Puch Complex's 2024 Business Plan Conference

Trung Nguyen Cow Livestock Company embarks on expansion in 2024, increasing its cattle herd to 52,991 heads. Additionally, the company plans to expand its land, allocating 1,594 hectares for grass and 315 hectares for forestry. TMR feed production is set to increase to 361,942 tons.

2024 marks a year of significant growth for Hoang Anh Dak Lak Company. The company plans to increase its cattle herd size, cultivate and manage 1,445 hectares of new grassland and 266 hectares of new forestry, and invest in building essential infrastructure like roads spanning 39.5 kilometers, irrigation lakes, dams, warehouses, and food processing centers and more.

THACO AGRI President Tran Bao Son is giving guidelines at the conference

CAT Cao Nguyen Company will cultivate an estimated 476.3 hectares of durian trees in 2024. Regarding transportation infrastructure, it plans to build 80 kilometers of roads including factory roads, main roads, and farming roads. The company will invest in a robust irrigation system with one irrigation lake, one irrigation pump station, and 4 water wells. It's also building 5 houses for employees, 2 durian packing factories, and 1 sports center and enrichment garden.

Snuol Complex - Expected revenue in 2024 is VND1,182 billion

In 2023, Snuol converted all workers, including daily and part-time workers to formal labor contracts. The complex strategically invested in irrigation and transportation infrastructure, housing for employees, and construction works, formed a pilot freshwater fish farming project, delivered continued care for rubber plantations, invested in industrial mechanical equipment manufacturing, raised cattle and durian at ERC Enterprise, and formed 2 closed chain enterprises: BP1 Banana Factory and ERC Banana Factory.

snoul-1 snoul-2
Snuol Complex's 2024 Business Plan Conference

In 2024, Snuol sets 5 goals, including: (1) crop production, especially aiming for an impressive 78,886 tons of bananas exported globally; (2) continued care for rubber plantations to ensure a yield of 16,057 tons; (3) building 27 cattle farms by 2024, housing a total of 26,717 heads, providing organic fertilizer for fruit trees; (4) boosting industrial production to serve construction investment needs, increase machinery and equipment, and agricultural mechanization; (5) synchronizing the construction of housing for employees, offices, and utilities at the factories in a closed model, serving the social wellbeing of workers. In 2024, Snuol targets at a revenue of VND1,182 billion.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Tran Bao Son, THACO AGRI President emphasized: For Banana Enterprises, it is necessary to invest synchronously, focusing on upgrading and expanding infrastructure, maximizing productivity, whether measured by stems or plants. For the Cattle Factory, leveraging banana by-products and grass to make bedding and feed for cattle to reduce costs in production, prioritizing proactive measures to control epidemics and prevent infectious diseases. Direct resources towards the highest-yielding rubber plantations, ensuring enough workers for latex harvesting by building houses and providing decent living conditions for workers.

Koun Mom Complex - Developing the herd size to 34,614 cattle heads

In 2023, Koun Mom converted all Meka workers to permanent positions, constructed 100 modern houses for workers, 16 houses for employees, 1 head office at Lot 94, a business and logistics executive office at Lot 104, 17 new traffic works and 24 power stations, 14 lakes, 1 water channel, and 7.5 kilometers of irrigation canals (4.5km for Lumphat and 3km for Andong Meas), a concrete mixing plant and 10 cow breeding farms.

KM-1 KM-2
Koun Mom's 2024 Business Plan Conference

In 2024, Koun Mom Complex will promote the cultivation of bananas, mangos and pomelos. It will build 725 houses on the farm; 2 packaging factories; 5 offices; 7 banana factories; planning 2 mango factories, delivering continued care for more than 2,100 hectares of mangos and 270 hectares of pomelos. In addition, the complex will invest in a new 1,616-hectare cattle and mango raising enterprise, 17 cattle farms to increase the herd size to 34,614 heads. In addition, the Complex starts construction of a fruit processing factory, a training center, a sports center, and experimental fields.

Speaking at the Conference, THACO AGRI President Tran Bao Son pointed out the key points that Koun Mom needs to focus on building and developing in 2024, including: To achieve peak performance, the complex needs to implement: strictly enforced technical standards and manufacturing operations; strategic worker placement with stable social security and policy compliance; optimized "dry season" construction investments; and synchronized management of finance, logistics, production, administration, and services, including efficient meal organization and guaranteed quality food for workers.

HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex - Striving to achieve revenue of VND980.7 billion

In 2024, HAGL AGRICO is ramping up production with a planned 2,284 hectares under cultivation, aiming to export a 51,824 tons of bananas. To support this goal, the complex is not only increasing their workforce to 5,283 dedicated banana farmers, but also investing heavily in technical infrastructure and land development projects specifically designed for optimal banana cultivation.

HAGL AGRICO Laos's 2024 Business Plan Conference

Mangoes are growing with 313 hectares yielding 1,278 tons. Grapefruit joins the mix with 100 hectares producing 510 tons. A novel approach combines 572 hectares of grass and grazing with 426 hectares of mangoes, supported by an additional 10,790 cows, bringing the total herd to 17,890. 780 hectares of rubber will be converted to bananas from April 2024, while the remaining 11,406 hectares will be maintained, with 4,868 hectares actively producing an expected 7,439 tons of latex. A pilot goat farm is testing sustainability on 93 hectares in North Saysettha. And an agricultural mechanical factory will support production needs. The complex has set a revenue target of VND980.7 billion, with banana exports generating the highest share at VND743.1 billion.

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is handing certificates to THACO AGRI's best teams of 2023 THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is handing certificates to THACO AGRI's best teams of 2023

Speaking at the Conference, THACO AGRI President Tran Bao Son assigned HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex with the following tasks:

In construction: focus on groundwork, align facility investments with construction plans. In production and business: implement quality control measures, maximize productivity and efficiency at each enterprise; invest strategically; shift personnel to high-yield rubber farms while phasing out low-performing farms. For off-season mangos and pomelos, secure irrigation water sources. Focus on technical improvements and training, adhere to standards and processes, aiming at global export efficiency.

 In organization and management: Enterprises require management innovation, and the Enterprise Director is at the heart of driving this change.

 In training: focus on Lao language fluency, relevant techniques, production process mastery, and personnel development. Implement productivity targets for workers, emphasizing efficiency through data analysis and mechanization to reduce labor costs and boost income levels. For basic construction projects, Enterprise Directors excel at guiding teams through the intricacies of building, maintaining, and fixing mechanical, electrical, and water infrastructure. In warehouses and logistics: Implement centralized warehouses to streamline logistics, enabling control over material quantities, quality checks, and daily delivery operations. This will optimize costs and facilitate strategic planning of transportation routes. In addition, the complex needs to take good care of employee well-being.