The store, coded KM31 was opened on April 28 at Saysettha Complex with the attendance of THACO AGRI Laos leaders and a large number of company employees.


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Doan Ba Phi, General Director of THACO AGRI Laos stressed the importance of taking care of the employees' well-being so that they can have stable lives and focus on production. The convenience store sells goods at break-even prices to serve the daily needs of employees and local workers, looking to provide them with a rich, diverse and quality source of goods at the cheapest prices.


The goods are imported directly from the Emart system of THISO Retail, the THACO's commercial-service Sub-holding. The store expects to sell 53 types of goods, including more than 264 products. In near future, the company will grow clean vegetables and fruits to supply to convenience stores as well.

In parallel with this first convenience store KM31 at Saysettha Complex, THACO AGRI Laos plans to open 2 more stores, one also in Saysettha and the other in Nam Kong - Phu Vong Complex which expect to open in May 2023.