From May 21 to May 24, 3,278 cattle were imported from Australia to Quy Nhon New Port, which were then received by THACO AGRI and transferred to Ia Puch Complex.


This was the third time in the year that the complex has received such big volumes of imported cattle, 9,479 heads as of now. This shipment was mainly heifers and pregnant cows of Doughtmaster and Brahman breeds. After being taken to the farms, the animals will be isolated according to veterinary regulations and undergo the classification process to enter their suitable rearing sheds.

The Ia Puch Complex, specializing in breeding and beef cattle is spanning a total area of 1,907 hectares, accommodating a size of 52,000 cattle heads. Following the strategy to raise cattle in a semi-grazing model, the complex has been investing in large grasslands which grow Ruzi, Mulato II, and Mombasa grass. In this model, under monitoring, cattle can graze on pastures, are active and supplemented with nutrients, that's why the quality and reproductive capacity are increasingly improved, and boosting production efficiency.