To ensure the quality of cultural integration and skill improvement for new employees and staff working at Attapeu Complex in Laos, THACO College and THACO AGRI have established a Skill Development Center for employees.

The Center was licensed by the Laos' Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare on Feb. 17, 2023. From the beginning of April, it has started to organize cultural integration training classes and Lao language training for workers at the Complex. With these classes, the students will understand THACO AGRI's history, business model, culture and regulations, therefrom building for themselves positive working attitudes, industrial manners and proper behaviors.


Mr. Le Ba Tien, one of the course participants said, “The course has helped new joiners like me to better understand the company, the language and how to communicate with the foreign colleagues. I hope the Center will have more classes to help us improve our knowledge and skills.”


In future, at the Center, THACO College and Attapeu Complex will organize courses on management skills and soft skills, seeking to improve the competency to meet job requirements, helping the company grow.