On August 11, THAGRICO, the THACO's agricultural sub-holding presented 1,696 sets of 3rd grade textbooks (equivalent to over $14,000) to Chu Prong District Education and Training Department in Gia Lai province in preparation for the new school year of the local disadvantaged minority students. This was the 3rd consecutive year the firm delivered the donations.


Chu Prong is a large district with ethnic minorities accounting for 45% of the local population. There are 146 villages and hamlets in the district, in which 46 villages are having economic difficulties with more than tens of thousands of students short of school textbooks. Mr. Dinh Van Dung, the Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the district People's Council responded, "On behalf of the local government authorities, we are thankful for THAGRICO support. The donation is meaningful both materially and spiritually to help the children with their schoolwork. We will put these textbooks into the schools' libraries in turns year after year to make sure that no students lack textbooks, every student will have their own textbooks."

Apart from its business and production, CSR plays a central part in THAGRICO activities, which include engagement in the social welfare charity fund, community activities, hence developing with the country. With this book donation, the company wants to contribute its part to improve the education conditions in Chu Prong district.