The Auto Body Components Plant (under THACO INDUSTRIES) is one of the factories in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park that has modern production lines, high percentage of automation in producing body components that meet global quality standards. In addition, the factory has encouraged employees to join the technical improvement program and as a result, they have had plenty of successful projects which create high efficiency. One of its most notable projects was “Application of roller hemming in multiple types of production" which has saved more than VND70 billion for buying new equipment.


Toan is presenting his innovation projects

One of the outstanding individuals in the program was Mr. Nguyen Trieu Toan, a Planning Manager at the plant. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, in 2019, engineer Nguyen Trieu Toan was recruited by the factory to work as a Technical Specialist. Despite his unfamiliarity with the machines and technologies in early days at the factory, he has been trying hard to learn from technical documents, seniors, colleagues as well as training courses. And he has made it by quickly adapting and mastering the job.


Toan is studying their new technical improvement project in the second quarter of 2023

After 5 years of working, Toan has implemented many improvement projects, bringing practical benefits to the factory. In 2022 alone, he finished 12 projects to help speed up production, increase productivity and product quality, and save more than VND460 million. His notable projects included Improving the welding process of car rear trunk: Adjusting the welding system for steel truss frames, welding jigs, welding gun mount of the finish welding line; Redesigning the layout of shelves for finished products for exports; Completing container packing standards and standardizing the layout of shelves for finished bodies. He also won the most effective project award in Chu Lai's “Waste elimination” movement 2022 at the factory.


Toan is discussing work with other staff members

In the rear trunk welding improvement project, realizing that the current system did not meet the delivery volume, Toan looked for ways to expand the steel truss frame by 4.5 meters compared to the previous to operate 2 welding stations at the same time, saving welding time and creating  convenient working spaces for workers, ensuring output and delivery schedule. He shared, “I am thrilled that my innovation and improvement projects have contributed to boost efficiency and save costs for the company. Creative work has improved my thinking ability, patience and prudence at work.”


Mr. Nguyen Trieu Toan is giving instructions to staff

In the first quarter of 2023, he and his colleagues from the technical, quality, operation and maintenance team and production line successfully designed and installed the Andon system and improved the production lines for the moving parts to support operation and enable visual system control, which have increased productivity and saved more than VND170 million in labor costs.

Besides Mr. Nguyen Trieu Toan, there are many employees at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park who have set the examples of paying efforts to make initiatives and improvement in production to help save costs, increase productivity and product quality, while promoting collective creativity. Such spirit has been increasingly widespread among all THACO employees, a promise to form a new generation of dynamic, creative, and dedicated industrial personnel, paving the ways for the company's sustainable development.