On August 1, another 30 tanks were shipped to JMK (South Korea), the second batch of tanks exported to the company this year. Upon arrival, the products will be assembled into specialized trucks for storing liquids and fuels, such as gasoline, oil, and more.


The tank is made from SS400 steel plates that are 1.6 to 9 millimeters thick. It is manufactured using a variety of mechanical processes, including welding, pressing, bending, rolling, laser cutting, CNC milling. It also undergoes surface treatment processes, such as blasting, ED coating, topcoat. Its dimensions are 3,376x1,853x1,522mm, weighs 10 tons, has high durability, corrosion resistance and high precision, meeting the technical standards of major markets such as South Korea. The product has a special design that makes it easy to transport on narrow or hilly roads, a good options for transport trucks. It is also coated with 2 layers of paint to make it more resistant to all weather conditions.


To improve product quality and meet customer demands, the factory will invest in more machines and equipment for its welding line, such as rolling machines, welding machines, pipe flaring machines, extrusion screw milling machines and others. At the same time, the team will research and develop tanks of 5,000 liters, 9,000 liters made of 304 stainless steel, aluminum, etc., ensuring the technical requirements of Korean and new markets.