On September 14, the delegation, led by Mr. Leklay Sivilay, Member of Laos Party Central Committee, Secretary and Governor of Sekong Province visited THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. Welcoming the guests were THACO President Pham Van Tai and authorities of Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam.


The delegation was introduced to the development history of THACO and THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, especially its agricultural projects in Laos. The guests also visited the auto and mechanical manufacturing plants and the Chu Lai Port.


According to the THACO President, THACO had been investing significantly in the agricultural projects in Laos to build sustainable organic agricultural production model in which the supply chain applies industrial management methods, mechanization and bio technologies, creating real values for the communities and the economies of Laos and Vietnam.


In Southern Laos, THACO has been developing large-scale, closed-loop, integrated and circulatory complexes with investments in transport infrastructure, power grids, irrigation systems, production facilities and workers' housing. Expectedly, by June 2024, THACO will start another agricultural project in Sekong in which semi-intensive breeding cattle farms are combined with fruit and rubber tree farms.


Mr. Leklay Sivilay congratulated THACO on its past achievements and hoped that THACO would continue to invest in more areas in Sekong province, not only agriculture but also logistics, tourism, and services. He also assured the local authorities would provide THACO with constant support to implement projects quickly and effectively.


On this occasion, the Sekong provincial leaders also visited other THACO's complexes in Attapeu province (Laos), Gia Lai (Vietnam) and Cambodia to get the big picture about the sustainable agricultural production model that the Vietnamese corporation will apply in Sekong in the near future.