On October 13, at the Lao Government Office, Mr. Sonexay Siphandone, Prime Minister of Laos welcomed the THACO delegation led by Chairman Tran Ba Duong.


At the meeting, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong introduced business operations activities at THACO & THACO AGRI, and its agricultural investments in Cambodia and Laos. In 2019, THACO established THACO AGRI, a $625 million agricultural investment arm, to implement a large-scale agricultural production investment strategy. In 2018, HAGL AGRICO, the agricultural subsidiary of HAGL Group faced financial challenges. In August 2018, THACO acquired a 27.63% stake in HAGL Agrico, following the encouragement of the Vietnamese Government and HAGL.

Despite the heavy impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, THACO has maintained operations at HAGL Agrico in Laos since taking over its direct management in 2021, stabilizing jobs and incomes for over 5,000 workers. The company continued to invest in essential items such as transportation, irrigation systems, drainage channels, and flood protection barriers to support its production and business operations.

THACO has developed a comprehensive master plan for a large-scale agricultural production investment project covering 27,384 hectares of land at Hoang Anh Attapeu and Hoang Anh Quang Minh companies, in which all areas of rubber and oil palms are changed to fruit trees (bananas, pineapples, mangos, pomelos, durians) suitable for the area, together with semi-intensive farms for breeding cows and fattened beef cattle, production of organic microbial fertilizers, biological pesticides to implement organic agricultural production. THACO is working to develop a large-scale organic and sustainable agricultural production model in Lao PDR, which will contribute to the transformation and development of agriculture in the surrounding provinces and boost the country's agricultural and economic sectors.


THACO Chairman also made some recommendations to the Lao Government on how to implement the investment project on large-scale cultivation of fruit trees with cattle farming.

At the conclusion of the meeting, THACO pledged its support for and management of HAGL Agrico's sustainable and efficient investment in and development of agricultural projects in Laos, in which The company will reinvest foreign exchange in Laos and create the best possible conditions to improve the living standards and incomes of local workers, contributing to the development of Laos' agricultural and economic sectors and strengthening the long-term cooperative relationship between Laos and Vietnam.