Paint shop (under Plastic Plant, THACO INDUSTRIES) is one of the pioneers in applying automation in production with the robot system and advanced plastic coating technology. Besides upgrading modern technologies, the factory spends time on making improvement initiatives to reduce costs, manual labor, and improve production efficiency for the factory.

Xưởng-sơn-Nhà-máy-Linh-kiện-Nhựa-phát-huy-tinh-thần-sáng-tạo-tập-thể-2 Xưởng-sơn-Nhà-máy-Linh-kiện-Nhựa-phát-huy-tinh-thần-sáng-tạo-tập-thể-1 Xưởng-sơn-Nhà-máy-Linh-kiện-Nhựa-phát-huy-tinh-thần-sáng-tạo-tập-thể-3

Representative employees who have contributed different improvement projects at the paint shop

There are over 150 employees at the shop who paint plastic components for automobiles, motorcycles and civil works, serving customers inside and outside THACO. Like other teams, to improve productivity, product quality and eliminate waste, in 2022, the workshop finished 40 projects with high efficiency. In the first quarter of 2023, it has done another 26, most notably Improvements in paint program for small body parts of Kia Sportage (NQ5) which has helped to improve productivity and save VND800 million in 2023.

Technician Duong Hoang Ngoc, the technical improvement team leader is checking data on the PCS paint system

Mr. Duong Hoang Ngoc, a Paint shop technician, the improvement team leader said, “The innovations and improvements at the workshop mainly focus on saving materials, improving the paint program, product arrangement and identification, 5S implementations, etc. to save time, production costs, and improve product quality. The project implementation was participated by many departments such as: Operation and maintenance, engineering, production, etc. in contributing ideas and finding the most optimal solution."


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thien, the Color Paint team leader

Realizing that during the PCS pipe cleaning, the liquid was discharged too much without rinsing the equipment, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thien, the Paint team lead has changed the cleaning method, which includes removing the non-reusable discharged liquid in the first 2 minutes, then reusing the discharged liquid in the remaining 4 minutes to rinse the diaphragm pump, saving 4 liters of cleaning liquid for every 2 machines in each rinse, equivalent to nearly VND480 million in 2022. The project also won a prize in THACO Chu Lai's "Waste elimination 2022" for the Plastic Plant. Particularly in the first quarter of 2023, the team also had their 2 improvement projects in production. He excitedly shared, “I am happy that our team can bring many initiatives and improvements to save costs, improve the working environment, and make production easier. The better efficiency has motivated me to continue working hard and thinking creatively, making contributions to the company."

nguyễn-thị-hoàng nguyễn-thị-hoàng-2
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang - Leader of the Delivery Team

Besides male engineers and workers, the female employees also had their shares and contributed many high-quality improvement projects. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang, Leader of the Delivery Team, one of the representatives with different effective improvement projects has become the working inspiration for other females in the workshop. She shared, “Making improvements helps improve my thinking ability. I have become more creative and active in giving solutions at work. Gradually, creativity has become joy and passion for me. It even increased my love in my work. Apart from my job, I support others to work towards the common goals and plans. The projects are the result of team creative efforts.”

võ-văn-hòa-1 võ-văn-hòa-2
Mr. Vo Van Hoa - Foreman of the Pain Shop

Mr. Vo Van Hoa, the Paint shop manager commented, "Thinking "There are no best products, machines, or processes. They are getting better", everyone in the workshop is trying hard to keep on exploring and expanding their thinking powers and continuously improve their work to achieve higher efficiency, making it the most to the company”.