From October 2 to October 4, 2023, over 200 employees of THACO AGRI, who are leaders, managers, and potential leaders at Snoul, Koun Mom (Cambodia) and Gia Lai (Vietnam) attended the training taught by THACO President Pham Van Tai.


The training course had 2 sessions. The first session focused on “Strategy - Management of THACO and Sub-holdings”, revolving around the topics: the concepts of strategy and management system, strategies of THACO and Sub-holdings, duties and responsibilities of departments at THACO and Sub-holdings. In the second session “Leadership Development”, The THACO executive shared about leadership journeys, leaders’ qualities, personal development, and purposeful living.


The course aimed to enhance the quality of human resources at THACO AGRI’s office, complexes, and departments, building a skilled agricultural workforce with "industrialized manners", aligning with the company's production strategy.


Mr. Le Thanh Hoang, the Snoul Director shared, "After the training, I and my colleagues at Snoul complex have understood better the company business model at THACO and Sub-holdings, which can guide our leadership so that we can live up to our roles in the development of THACO AGRI and THACO, alongside with the country's progress.

Mr. Vo Quang Loc, an HR Manager at the Koun Mom Cattle Complex shared, "The training has allowed me to improve my knowledge and skills to face new market challenges. I hope there will be more courses like this to join and develop."


The THACO Training Department also conducted surveys at all departments to study the current situation and training needs of THACO AGRI complexes and plants to come up with appropriate training courses, set up the conditions and develop the training staff for THACO AGRI, especially internal teaching staff.