To meet the increasing demand for organic food and environmentally friendly products, the Fresh Merchandise at Emart looks to expanding its cooperation with partners to diversify suppliers and increase goods volumes.

Not only in organic products, Emart ensures the product origins in accordance with the standards of the supermarket by working directly with suppliers at the farms or production factories in Vietnam and internationally.


Mentioning the Vietnamese organic goods transportation into Emart, the staff explained vegetables and fruits are harvested early in the morning in Da Lat City, pre-treated for the first time and then transported to Ho Chi Minh City for the second pretreatment before packed and taken to the supermarkets. With this process, the volumes of finished products brought to the supermarket are likely to decrease due to easy damage, not to mention the vegetables and fruits are also weaker or do not look as good due to their organic nature which does not use chemical fertilizers. That explains why the organic food will cost higher than other products. However, with great health benefits, Emart is trying to provide organic and environmentally friendly products with a variety of categories.

Another thing that makes a difference in the Fresh Merchandise is the 'The power of Vietnamese agricultural products' campaign. In addition to organic fruits and vegetables taken from reputable suppliers in Da Lat, Emart also sells the Ca Mau ST25 ecological rice at best prices. This product has entered Emart's merchandise portfolio since 2023 Lunar New Year after lots of surveys were done by its dry food team in Ca Mau.


Regarding this product, Ms. Dinh Thi Hong Trang, a Dry Food Supervisor said, “The Ca Mau ST25 ecological rice has high nutrition levels, outstanding qualities for the premium market. The product has also received its patent "Ca Mau ecological rice". And now Emart is its sole distributor, providing the products at its best strategic price to provide customers with green, clean and healthy products”. She added that especially suitable for the environment, soil and weather in Ca Mau, the ST25 rice is delicious and soft. Besides, the rice is produced by using alternative farming practices which create natural ecological balance between rice and fisheries farming in the brackish waters, ensuring sustainable development.

As a regular customer at Emart, Ms. Bich Thao, a District 2 resident said her family often opts to organic products despite the higher prices as they prefer healthy food. Having the same ideas, Ms. Thu Thao from District 9 shared, "Vegetables in Emart are much more diverse than in other supermarkets. On the whole, although organic products will be more expensive than normal vegetables, they are more nutritious and better, so I still go for it”.


To make sure quality products could reach consumers, the efforts not only come from the merchandise, but also take place in the product operation and display, which hold no less crucial roles. At Emart Sala, the shelves and freezers are laid out twice as long as that of Emart Phan Van Tri to provide a wide variety of fresh products, especially organic foods. In addition, the signs for the products also have special designs to obtain attraction from customers.