On May 6, the delegation including 80 business representatives, led by Mr. Tran Dang Nam, Chairman of Hanoi Young Business Association had a working session at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. Welcoming the guests were Mr. Nguyen Quang Bao, THACO AUTO President and Mr. Do Minh Tam, THACO INDUSTRIES President.


In the meeting, the visitors were introduced to the development scale, history, production and business models of THACO and Sub-holdings. After that, they were taken on a tour around THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park. After the tour, the guests all sent high praises towards the capacities, modern production technologies, lean management and professional working environment at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park.


Also during the visit, THACO Chu Lai Directors and the businesses discussed matters involving their production capacity, potentials and demands for production cooperation in the coming time. Mr. Tran Dang Nam - Chairman of Hanoi Young Business Association shared, "THACO is a role model for young businesses to learn in terms of Holding Group's development model. Especially, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong has set his example for us to follow and to seek ways for stronger business growths. We hope that young businesses will have opportunities to cooperate with THACO to create new business ventures, improve competitiveness and contribute more to the development of Vietnam's industry."