Embracing the meaningful journey over the past 16 years, in 2023, THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park collaborated with the Quang Nam Red Cross Association to organize the blood donation 2023 of which the first program on Apr. 1 received a large participation of employees.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Tam is eager to take her first shot of blood donation

Joining blood donation for the first time, Ms. Le Thi Thanh Tam, a sewing worker at AUTOCOM Plant of THACO INDUSTRIES arrived early at the location. Holding the blood donation record, she shared joyfully, “Joining THACO, I was told the meaning of blood donation, so I signed up for the donation. I was a bit worried at first, but after that, I was relieved to know that my health was okay and I was happy to have done something useful for society. I will absolutely join next time.”

With profound humanitarian meaning, the blood donation has become a way to spread "mutual love" between people. As a result, many employees have donated blood many times to multiply love and sharing. Having donated blood 14 times, Pham Duc Bich from QC Department, THACO Mazda said, “After each donation, life becomes more meaningful when you share and are responsible to the community. A blood donation for a normal person may be not a big deal, but for the patient it is a chance to save their life, so I want to do something to help the patients with their dire conditions.”

Mr. Pham Duc Bich is a representative blood donor with 14 donations over the years

Like Bich, over the past time, there were others making repeated blood donations at THACO Chu Lai. Particularly, more than 30 have donated blood more than 10 times, notably Nguyen Cao Thang from Chu Lai Office with 18 times in a row.

Not only participating in the company's blood donation, THACO Chu Lai employees are also ready to support urgent blood needs at hospitals in Quang Nam province. Mr. Le Doan Vinh, a lead of the Material Warehouse, Plastic Company of THACO INDUSTRIES shared, “3 months ago, while working, I was told that a patient at Quang Nam General Hospital needed blood urgently. The management helped me to go to the hospital for support. Thanks to timely blood transfusion, the patient recovered. I am really happy to be able to help save people's lives in times of danger.”

This is also the 14th blood donation of Mr. Le Doan Vinh

For many years, THACO Chu Lai has been one of the leading units in blood donation in Quang Nam Province. During the 2010 - 2022 period, THACO Chu Lai staff donated more than 7,700 blood units. The blood donation 2023 at THACO Chu Lai is divided into 3 programs on Apr. 1, June 10 and Oct. 21, with 1,600 participants, expecting to receive about 1,300 blood units. During the first program, nearly 730 employees registered and more than 450 blood units were collected.

Numerous employees at THACO Chu Lai joined the first blood donation program in 2023

Blood donation at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park has become a bridge connecting hearts and spreading the community spirit. The drops of blood given not only reflect the kindness and responsibility of each employee of THACO and THACO Chu Lai to the society, but also enhance the beauty of THACO's culture.