To improve and develop analytical and problem-solving skills for employees, on June 2 and 6, THACO College gave a training course on logical thinking and its application for 65 employees who are managers and specialists of companies and units under THACO INDUSTRIES.


The course attracts 65 participants

The training course was taught by Master Phan Tiem, the THACO College Director. From the class, learners were introduced to the notions of comprehension, definition and concept, relationship between concepts, simple and complex arguments, forms of inference, logical inference, reasoning methods to draw values of things, phenomena, and objects. The participants were also guided to practice building definitions and concepts, using reasoning methods to identify things, phenomena, objects, and applying knowledge of reasoning and inference in real work.


The course is lectured by Master Phan Tiem, THACO College Director

The course was a good chance for staff to improve their logical thinking, information analysis, making the right decisions, solving problems effectively and quickly, and finally achieving the set goals.