Recently, THACO AGRI ended the course "Basic Livestock Farming Technique Training" at Ia Puch Complex in Gia Lai Province which was given to nearly 40 employees from its livestock farms.


After 3 months from Oct. 11, 2022 to Jan. 12, 2023, under the lecturers' enthusiastic guidance, the participants discussed and acquired a great deal of knowledge and skills to build up their professional and technical level, finally seeking to meet the job practical requirements. In addition to being introduced to the basic knowledge of husbandry techniques, the learners were also given case studies in livestock production on the farms.


During the course, questions were raised to build exciting and effective interactions in classes. The students also highly appreciated the content of the program, the quality of teaching and training. To finish the course, the participants completed the final test to receive a certificate of course completion.

The course is a good start to create the momentum for the training of Livestock Farming Techniques, which contributes to raise the expertise at the Cattle Complexes in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.