On August 29, Ms. Sun Thon Say Nha Chac, Laos Party Secretary and National Assembly Vice Chairman and her delegation visited HAGL AGRICO Complex in Laos.


At the meeting, Mr. Doan Ba Phi, the complex director introduced the development history of THACO and THACO AGRI, especially the scale and investment activities in Laos. He also expressed his gratitude to Laos Communist Party, Government and National Assembly for their support to the corporation.


Ms. Sun Thon Say Nha Chac expressed her appreciation towards THACO’s investment, construction, and development in Laos. The Laotian leader also highly regarded the Vietnamese corporation for creating thousands of jobs with high incomes and good benefits, retaining Laotians to work domestically in the face of labor export due to the devaluation of Kip, Laos' currency. She expressed the hopes that THACO would continue its investment in Laos in the future to contribute to the success and development of Laos' agriculture sector.


After the meeting, the delegations and the complex’s leadership visited 5B Banana Packing Factory at BSA1 Plant and semi-grazing cattle farm at Bo Bac Saysettha Plant.