To promote production and export of high-quality gloves to the U.S. and the European markets, THACO INDUSTRIES's Gloves Plant has installed 160 new 15G knitting machines, totaling nearly 750 machines to the present time, and worked with partners to improve the technology content of these machines and the product quality.


The 15G glove knitting machine has a compact size. The automation rate is up to 90%, the machine can weave more than 140 pairs a day and houses many improvements compared to the previous ones, e.g. 3-in-1 automation technologies (weaving, overlock, and packing), an automated oil feeding system to save maintenance costs, a sensor warning system that automatically stops the machine when yarn breaks or runs out, and a central control system which monitors the entire production process. The machines are assembled in Vietnam and have Vietnamese language, easy for workers to understand and use. In addition, the factory's technical team has also made improvements in the machine's overlock and packing technologies to match production requirements.


The machines are used to produce premium glove products, including nylon fiber gloves, polyester fiber gloves, PU coated gloves, nitrile rubber coated gloves, etc. with high aesthetics and sophistication, meeting the domestic demand and quality standards of leading corporations in the U.S. and European countries.


In the coming time, the factory plans to expand its production area by 2,000 square meters, invest in

new lines, machines and equipment, including a line for woven gloves, one for protective clothing, one for helmet molds... which cost more than VND20 billion, as well as promote R&D activities to maximize production capacity and expand export markets to Africa, Europe and the Middle East.