“Donating blood isn't just about giving, but also receiving joy”


"Donating blood isn't just about giving," Ms. Nguyen Thanh Kieu, Team Leader at THISO Cleaning Service, explained. "It's the joy of knowing you're bringing hope for life and timely treatment to someone in need."

Thiso Mall Truong Chinh - Phan Huy Ich operates floors L2 and L3


Thiso Mall Truong Chinh - Phan Huy Ich celebrated a successful expansion on April 26, offering exciting promotions throughout the upcoming May Day holidays. This expansion marks not only the continuation of Phase 1's success but also solidifies the mall's position as a leading "All...

THACO champions DUT Job Fair 2024


On April 19-20, Danang University of Science and Technology (DUT) held the program 'DUT Job Fair 2024.' The event attracted a significant number of businesses and students, and THACO participated as a spon

Koun Mom Complex hands over 150 new houses to workers


Koun Mom Complex celebrated on April 6 the handover ceremony of 3 new farm housing areas in Daunpenh, LumPhat, and Andongmeas Companies. These 150+ houses will provide improved living conditions for over 500 workers, significantly enhancing their overall well-being.