As a Korean retail brand which is exclusively distributed by THISO Retail - Emart, No Brand is greatly loved thanks to its focus on high-quality and low-cost products, what is true to its slogan - Made for customer.

Consumers are important than brand name

No Brand is a brand imported by Emart Vietnam from Emart Inc. Korea. With nearly 600 products, No Brand focuses on providing fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), except cold food, and nonfood (including household appliances and electronics).

No Brand focuses on the quality of its imported product lines. At the same time, as Emart's own brand, it can minimize its product costs to offer customers products at the most competitive price. Compared to other Korean imported goods of other brands, No Brand product lines offer more affordable prices, 5% lower or more.



With the customer-centric philosophy, No Brand is loved and chosen by Emart customers. As of July 2022, compared to 2021, the brand revenue has grown 14%, while profits grew 3.6%. In particular, the brand recorded the highest revenue of VND3.5 billion in the promotion program EP2213 - Korean Goods Fair, 54% higher than EP2113 (in 2021), and 18% higher than EP2013 (in 2020). It is expected that the revenue of Emart's owned brand products in general and No Brand in particular will continue to grow as they continuously receive positive feedback from customers thanks to their good quality, deliciousness, nice and eye-catching packaging, and good price.

To bring its own branded products with the best prices to consumers, in early 2022, THISO Retail – Emart has improved the operations of Emart Go Vap store, especially changing its importer to THILOGI, THACO's logistics sub-holding in charge of providing full-service logistics and transportation services to reduce transportation costs and product costs, while strengthening promotions and expanding the e-commerce platforms for No Brand product lines.

Developing No Brand product lines at THISO Retail – Emart is one of the key elements in the hypermarket's business strategy. Not only its signature products, but No Brand is also a representation of Emart values, that are customercentric and provision of exclusive, quality imported products at low costs. 

No Brand products are officially available nationwide at:

  • Shopee 
  • Lazada 
  • Tiki
  • Shark Market
  • Market Saigon

Synchronous operation with Emart Korea

In addition to the plan to open 2 hypermarkets Emart Sala Thu Thiem and Emart Phan Huy Ich by the end of 2022, THISO Retail - Emart sets a medium and long-term plan to focus on developing No Brand product lines to increase competitiveness with "Distinctive products”, “Competitive buying price” and to generate stable profits. The brand will also continue to expand its product lines and merchandise sections this year.

In particular, in preparation for the opening of Emart Sala Thu Thiem, Merchandisers has been developing different products for No Brand, including nearly 40 merchandises in Frozen food and more than 100 items in FMCG. Accordingly, in September 2022, THISO Retail will sign an agreement with THILOGI to rent its frozen warehouses to ensure goods storage and new product expansion.

At the Emart Sala store, No Brand will operate under the Shop-in-Shop model which displays all No Brand Food and Non-Food products. The brand also applies the Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) solution which uses pre-cut cardboard boxes for convenient display, the same as Emart Korea with the desire to provide its own branded products to customers in a novel and appealing way.


  1. Emart makeup remover cotton (222 pieces): 70,232 bags ~ more than VND2 billion in revenue
  2. No Brand Chocochip cookies 400G: 18,531 boxes ~ more than VND1 billion in revenue
  3. No Brand cheddar cheese balls 370G: 8,905 boxes ~ more than VND1 billion in revenue
  4. No Brand Butter Cookies 400G: 14,573 boxes ~ VND756 million in revenue
  5. No Brand Glutinous Rice Water & Dried Nuts 1.5L: 12,582 bottles ~ VND666 million in revenue