To improve the customer service quality at Emart, Thiso Retail HR Department has been trying to improve new contents in the company's Orientation Training class.

In addition to the overview of Thiso Retail, Emart, its philosophy, business ethics, regulations and operations of the supermarket, the Customer Service has made different changes in their training content and form.


Specifically, the training duration on this subject has been expanded from 1 to 2 hours, in which the Customer Service manager provided concise and short theories, and focused more on practical skills such as communication, receiving and handling customer inquiries and complaints at Emart.

In addition to listening to the working principles and regulations in Customer Service, new employees practiced giving greeting and handling real-life situations in class.

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nga, a Delica employee shared, “The orientation is lively, especially the complaint handling exercises close to reality at the supermarket. After the class, I have taken in more useful information; hopefully I can apply them in the best possible ways in my work.”


Orientation training is a regular activity for all new employees at Thiso Retail and supplier staff to provide them with knowledge and overview of Emart, helping them understand the working standards and styles as well as business ethics, policies and benefits when working at Emart.